About this Lion

Beth Lothian sat on sofa with colour pops



Hi, I'm Beth founder of The Lion Sparkles, welcome to this accessories den of colour and sparkle!

Always loved shoes and accessories and learnt early on a silhouette of black is PERFECT for bright colourful sassy accessories.

I started the Lion Sparkles to bring colour and sparkle together in one accessories heaven, for women to dive in and accessorise like crazy to be noticed and stand out. 

Glamour meets strength.

Every time you buy from The Lion Sparkles you are buying stand out energy and power.

It's the Lion Sparkles because that inner roar is what can be your sparkle, hide your sparkle and colour and sparkles make the Roar loud and you can be heard! 

Bringing in my own brand items is incredibly important to me and part of the eclectic mix of products available. The signature necklaces all send a message, and particularly the first one,  ROAR, gives a surge with inner power to anyone who puts it on. It means the most to me to see when people wear it, sharing a piece of live energy.

The entire Lion Sparkles accessories collections are hand-picked to bring together colour, sparkle and Stand Out power to those who wear them.  Gorgeous and fun they rock strength, positivity, self confidence and sisterhood for any age.

Rock your gorgeous inner self x