Sparkle Like You Mean It And Make Blue Monday PINK!

So the festive period is all tidied away for another year and with it we've waved goodbye to our sequin embellished dresses and outrageously colourful clothes and accessories and now we're ready to succumb to the most miserable day on the planet, Blue Monday........

said no-one in this little corner of the internet EVER! 

Baddie Winkle

It seems completely bonkers to us that in this dark and dreary month of January, when the whole world seems to be focused on goal setting and self care, that we neglect to prioritise making ourselves look and feel wonderful using the magic of colour, sparkle and positivity. So here's a few reasons why you should be shimmying your way into this new decade adorned in every jazzy item of clothing and accessory that you own.


1. You'll not just be brightening your own day you'll be brightening mine, and hers over there and that miserable looking man on the tube and the woman at the corner shop who doesn't get out much. Don't be fooled into thinking people are making fun of your incredible outfit. They've noticed you and probably want to be you. If there's one thing we don't want to be remembered for on our death beds it will be our ability to blend in.

2. Blue Monday (23rd January) is only said to be the most depressing day of the year because the media feeds us with the need to feel blue. Yes it's grey outside, yes the world is a scary place to be right now but how on earth will we fix that if we're all doing what we're told and feeling miserable about our lot in life. If you're lucky enough to be healthy and to be loved then the best tonic for pulling yourself out of a rut is to don an outfit that makes you feel amazing and paint the town red or pink or yellow. Smile and reach out to people who make you feel brilliant. Be kind and make January the new June - only with more outrageous knitwear.

Taylor Swift and Jonathan Van Ness

3. We live in the most exciting times. Never have we been freer to showcase our true selves. Our children are the generation that doesn't bat an eyelid at anyone's choices, religions, sexualities or gender. They are the first wave of humans taught to just congratulate other humans on being unashamedly themselves. There's still room for improvement but if those little scamps can wholeheartedly showcase what makes them unique don't you think we should too? Even in January?

Still not convinced? Why don't you click on any of the images in this blog (from top to bottom Baddie Winkle, Style Me Sunday, Body Posipanda, Taylor Swift and Jonathan Van Ness, Sophie Loghman) and be transported to some of the most vibrant, proud and exciting style icons that we love to follow at TLS HQ.

And if you decide to jump on their bandwagon (it has neon lights and a glitter ball hanging off the rear view mirror) you know you can always rely on us to accessories you to the max. 

So Blue Monday.... I'm painting you pink whether you like it or not. Take advantage of our PINKMONDAY discount code at checkout to get 10% off the whole store until the end of January. You. Are. Welcome. 

Thanks for reading.

Beth Sparkles x







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