Offset Earth - One Small Step for The Lion Sparkles, One Huge Step for Mankind

Hey there People!

We hope this article finds you all feeling positive and fresh out of the 49752854 days that comprise the month of January... 

If you read our most recent blog all about sustainable birthday parties you'll know that one of our goals for 2020 is to find a way to make a business that is all about colour, feeling great and looking fabulous, work alongside the most important topic affecting us globally, the climate crisis.

Now don't panic the site won't be turning green and brown any time soon, but alongside loads of quiet little projects we have bubbling away in the background we're ready to announce our first impactful change of this new decade. We've enrolled in Offset Earth and we're flipping excited to start being part of the change. 

What's Offset Earth then? 

Great question! 

In their own words Offset Earth created their service to remove the barriers companies face to making great contributions to the climate emergency.

They run their platform in a way that totally aligns with principle. They help business owners prioritise impact over profit, to run the company completely transparently, employ only the highest standard environmental projects, and be as cheap as chips.

Because we've all got to make a living but not many of us want to do so at the expense of the environment and the vulnerable communities within it.

But what does that actually mean? 

Another great question! 

It's easy to read the 'blurb' and not really be any the wiser on how shopping with an Offset Earth subscribed small business actually makes any difference. 

What it actually means is that by shopping at The Lion Sparkles you are supporting an independent business that pays a monthly subscription to Offset Earth which is then invested into the monthly planting of at least 12 actually green and lovely trees and the very clever removal of the carbon offset of one whole person each year. Plus we receive loads of help and advice about how to make good ethical decisions when it comes to the impact our business has on the earth and its inhabitants.


It really is and as we've explained it's the start of a slow and steady shift in direction over at The Lion Sparkles to a more sustainable way of sourcing and selling and we hope to have lots more news to share with you over the coming months.

In the meantime....

Know that shopping with us is a commitment to a better planet (oh and be sure to take a look at our amazing new range of UK manufactured gift cards some of which are scratch and sniff - more on those in a future article!)

And why not consider signing up to Offset Earth yourself? It's not just for businesses! For £9 a month two adults can plant 24 trees a month and offset their own carbon footprints! 

We really hope you're loving what you're seeing so far this year on our sparkly new website. 

If there's any topics you'd love to know more about or any tips about how we can further encourage sustainable living as a business do get in touch - we love to hear your comments on email or social media so make sure you're following us on Instagram and Facebook

Happy Day!

Beth Sparkles x

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Anne Fitzpatrick

I used ’thelionsparkles’for the first time yesterday. Unfortunately, I made a bit of a mess whilst ordering, but was contacted by Beth immediately who sorted it out. Not only directing me what to do , but offering a refund for my mistakes. This would not have happened with a big company!!! An email with exactly what was refunded was sent to me on the same day. The items ordered arrived within 24 hours.
The quality of the goods and service provided was excellent. Thank you .

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