Face Masks to help you Stay Positive and Stay Safe

We’re pretty sure that face masks weren’t a dominating feature on the catwalk last year when the fashion houses around the world showcased their trends for spring/summer 2020…. But hey… things change and life isn’t perfect, but the great news is that your outfit can be!

If you’re new to The Lion Sparkles, let us tell you that in this corner of the internet you’ll always find colour, vibrancy and gifts and accessories to make you stand out from the crowd and show your unique and brilliant personality. But this year we’re working hard to expand our product range to include some great quality, environmentally friendly, practical products. And in line with this mission we’re excited to introduce our range of face masks.

There’s been a lot of debate about the efficacy of face masks but with the nation taking baby steps towards finding our new normal it seems that if you’re heading out into the shops (whoopee!), using public transport or using medical facilities, they are a necessity, not just to protect yourself but to protect those around you. 

So our advice to you is not to let this change to how we all look and feel bring you down. See it as an exciting opportunity to make a statement, showcase your personality and brighten the day of those around you.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends that the very best kind of face coverings will have three layers and a filter. But our fun range of stylish and unique face masks offer filters, triple layer protection and so much more!
Our masks come in an amazing range of prints and colours. Don’t ask me my favourite as it would depend on my mood and my outfit and it’s for exactly that type of conundrum that we’re offering every second face mask purchased for 25% off.

Our range includes a leopard print face mask, lips, a heart print, geometric triangles and more. Or if monochrome style is where you feel at home we have an ultra practical black or navy blue option.

Our face masks are also wearable and washable (which is much better for the environment). People who have had to wear them for some time find that what makes a difference in our tolerance for wearing a face covering, is having a separate nose piece so that it doesn’t constantly slip. That’s an integral part of the design of our face masks. We’ve also ensured that every item in our range is a glasses friendly - no steamed up spectacles with our masks!

The last few months have been tough and amazing in equal measures. The hardship that some people have endured has been horrific but we hope that some of our customers have found some joy in a slower pace of life and reconnected with those they live with. But ultimately those of us who love to shine and sparkle will slowly be getting ready to step out of our front doors and rejoin the society that we’ve missed so much. Now that that time is on the horizon… make your safety and the safety of others around you a priority.


My personal new mantra is that bad vibes just don’t go with my outfit and to make sure I don’t feel bad when walking out the door into that new normal this week, I’ll be wearing my face mask with pride and making that commitment to the thousands of NHS and key workers who have served us so well……

I protect you and you protect me. 



So remember we have a face mask style to suit you and if you love what you see you’ll get a second mask at 25% off. A great gift for a friend or just a different look for every day of the week!

Blue with white stars child face mask Oh and if you’d like a mask for the little people in your life? Don’t worry we’ve got them covered too (quite literally.) Wearing a face covering is a strange thing to get your head around when you’re an adult let alone a child - we’ll help make it easier by offering different looks for different cool kids, they’ll be joining our adult range soon.

Finally we’d love to see how you’re rocking yours! Share an image to your social media with the hashtag #mystylishnewnormal and we’ll share on our platforms.




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