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Every Order - A Tree Gets Planted!

It’s Earth month and if you didn’t know already The Lion Sparkles is an eco-conscious business that is working on becoming carbon neutral.

So, what does this mean?

Becoming carbon neutral is a state of net-zero carbon dioxide emissions, which means that all carbon emissions caused by a company have been balanced out by supporting carbon reduction projects and offsetting the equivalent amount of carbon used.

To help The Lion Sparkles get closer to this goal, we have become a member of Ecologi , which plants one tree for every order placed. We have successfully planted over 720 trees so far, which have been planted in Madagascar, Kenya, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Uganda and the UK. We have offset over 22.47 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent), which is the equivalent of 55,378 miles travelled in a car and that has helped projects such as wind farms, forest protection, solar power, gas extraction, delivering clean drinking water and much more.


If you look on our wonderful Ecologi dashboard, you can visit our virtual ‘forest’, so you can see first-hand what positive impact your purchases are having to the world.

What is Ecologi then?

Ecologi is a climate positive organisation helping to tackle the climate crisis we are facing by offsetting our carbon footprint in two ways:

  1. Supporting carbon reduction projects.
  2. Planting more trees.

Ecologi have this two-strategy approach as the carbon reduction projects are to help offset our current carbon footprint and then reforestation project are to help climate change in the future by helping to prevent temperatures rising more than 1.5 degrees. The trees that are planted for each order are too young and small to count towards our current carbon offsetting, but they will help in the future.

Ecologi wants to make reductions today and plan reductions in the future by planting trees.


The Lion Sparkles is an earth conscious business and being a member of Ecologi is not the only action we are taking to be sustainable. The products we sell are aimed at the sustainable conscious shopper, with many of our products being made from recycled materials and we have a ‘pre-loved’ (hyperlink to pre-loved page on website) range, giving a new life to pre-owned clothing.

Sustainability top tips…..


  1. Ditch the unnecessary plastic. Most bathroom products come in plastic packaging and as single use items are not something that the planet can sustain, why not change to a plastic free alternative like these shower blocks. They give you a great shower gel feeling with a nourishing oil blend and leaves you feeling and smelling great. The bar comes in recyclable packaging, so nothing will be going into landfill.


  1. Hand me downs and second hand is a way of life for me, my family and friends. It is the most interesting way to try on and wear stuff you think you wouldn’t wear. Throwing away a perfectly good item of clothing just because it had a little hole in is such a waste but adding a patch over the hole is a simple way to keep your clothes lasting longer as well as adding your own style to make a unique fashion piece!

 Waste not want not!!



  1. Use reusable food wraps. Plant-based wax wraps are a great alternative to cling film, bringing you the simplest solution to sustainable eating, whether at home or on-the-go. Take your delicious homemade sandwich and snacks and wrap them up nice and snug, keeping all that lovely freshness in.

 Built to be used time and time again. No more single-use packaging.


If there's any topics you'd love to know more about or any tips about how we can further encourage sustainable living as a business do get in touch - we love to hear your comments on email or social media so make sure you're following us on Instagram and Facebook

Happy Day!

Beth x


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