7 Best things about a Tote Bag

So…What is a tote bag?

A tote bag is a large bag with enough room to carry your essentials that typically has an open top but has a pair of parallel handles on either side, so you can carry the bag. FUN FACT…the term ‘tote’ means ‘to carry’.

What types of tote bags are there?

You can get a tote bag in variety of sizes, colours, shapes and materials, which you can use for daily use, for work, for travel, for shopping, for a picnic, when going to the beach or for promotional use, just to name a few. Focussing more on the style of the bag, the main two types of tote bags are:

  • A foldable cloth tote bag, which you easily fold up and put in your pocket or another bag.
  • A structured handbag tote, which is made from sturdier materials such as canvas, leather, pvc, which you cannot fold.

If you hadn’t realised already, I am a sucker for a tote bag, so much so that I designed my own range of vegan kraft tote bags, so today I am going to discuss with you the 7 best things about a tote bag!

Here are the 7 best things about a tote bag:

1. Fashionable and functional: I think that a tote bag is a wardrobe essential and a style of bag that will never go out of fashion. It is stereotypically a larger sized bag, so it is roomy enough for your essentials but ergonomic enough that you can comfortably carry all your things.

If you get a cloth tote bag, you can basically get whatever you want printed onto it, so you can pick the perfect colour and design to express your fashion style.

2. Great size: Tote bags are great because of their size and capacity. Before buying your tote bag, think about what you want to use it for so you can pick the perfect size for you. If you need a bag when you are shopping, running errands, bringing what you need for work (your lunch and laptop perhaps) or travelling, the tote bag is spacious and ideal for each scenario.

I don’t know about you but having a bag that you can actually fit more than just your purse, keys and phone is so useful, especially when you have young kids like me, so a tote bag is the perfect size for daily use.

3. Durable: Most tote bags are made to last, so you will be able to use your bag for years and years (HURRAY!). Top tip…If you want to extend its use for even longer, make sure you take good care of it! A tote bag is fantastic as it can withstand a lot of weight, so you can carry all your essentials in one place (and much more).

4. Re-usable and sustainable: In this growing eco-conscious society, people are looking for plastic free alternatives, and a tote bag is the perfect choice. A tote bag is a great sustainable option as you can use it again and again, so there is no need to use unnecessary plastic bags. A tote bag can do the same job as a plastic bag, but it will last longer, it is more durable, and it is better for the environment. ALSO, having a bag that will last for years and years, can save you money in the long run – how great is that!

5. Easy to use: The design of the open top makes the tote such a useful bag as you can access what you need as quickly as possible, which is perfect for when you go shopping or are running errands. The tote bag has long handles, so you can put it over your shoulder, hang it over your arm or carry it in your hand, so you can use it however you want.

If you opt for a structured handbag style tote, this can include internal pockets and pouches, which make them great for daily use as you can organise your things and you don’t have to rummage around to find your keys!

6. Endlessly Versatile: Whether you are using a tote bag as your main handbag or as a back-up to another bag, the versatility is fantastic, and you can use these bags for almost everything. You can use a tote for daily use, shopping, running errands, travelling, going to work and at the beach, just to name a few.

You can have a tote bag as your main bag and then also have a foldable tote bag as a back-up bag (for all that shopping you are doing!). If you are like me, I don’t go anywhere without a foldable tote bag as it is so easy to pop into my bag, it can unfold so quickly and then expand your capacity whenever needed. Top tip number two, I recommend that you always bring a foldable tote bag with you just in case you need one!

7. Great gift idea: If you are looking for a great gift idea for yourself or someone else, a tote bag is a great choice. There is a huge variety to choose from to suit every personality and as mentioned already, they are so incredibly useful. Buying presents for people can be tricky as you want to get someone a gift that they will actually use (and won’t just clutter up their house), the tote bag is the way to go, and a great idea for your eco-conscious friend and family too.

There is such a variety of bags you can choose from and there is a price to suit every budget. Here are a few examples of the different types of totes available from high end to high street but all still stylish!


Stella Logo Tote – by Stella McCartney: £630

This Stella Logo tote is made from smooth faux leather with an open top and comes with a handy removable pouch for those time you just need to pop up to the counter for a coffee. It has a simple but stylish design, and the relaxed faux leather makes it a very roomy bag that can move to the shape of what’s inside.

Stella mccartney tote bag


All Day Heart Large Tote – by Kate Spade: £275

‘The heart wants what it wants: a tote that can carry everything all day long.’

This colourful heart tote is made from textured pvc with a leather trim and has an open top with a dog-clip closure. It is a great day bag that has the capacity to fit an A4 binder and a 13” laptop too.

kate spade tote bag


Eco Friendly Trapeze Tote – The Lion Sparkles: £34

These eco-friendly tote bags were born from a desire to design a beautiful bag made from kraft paper and canvas, which are sustainable materials. These earth conscious bags are strong, the Kraft paper is thick like leather and just like leather, it gets better with age. The washable Kraft paper bags are stunning, practical and eco-friendly. The bags are a great gift for anyone aiming to live a sustainable life without compromising on impact and style.


Silver kraft Paper tote bag



Love Love Yellow Fabric Shoulder Shopper Bag – Oliver Bonas: £12.50

Spread double the love with this shopper bag featuring a bold slogan design with the words LOVE reflecting in a shiny gold metallic finish on a yellow background. A bold alternative carry-all that'll grab attention on your weekly shopping trip. It is foldable, so you can pop it in your bag and give yourself that extra expansion when needed.



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